There are lot of drugs and medicines which are been available in the market. Steroids are also one of the organic compound. In these compound, there are four rings which are been arranged in a molecular configuration. There are lot of examples which comes under the categories of the steroids. Some examples are anti-inflammatory steroids; estradiol is one of the sex hormone and many more. There are two biological functions which are the most important one:

  • Many steroid helps in activate the hormone receptor as these are the signaling molecules.
  • Some of the steroid changes the fluidity of the membrane as these are the component of the cell membranes.

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Introduction about the Anabolic Steroid

The anabolic steroid is also the same name for the synthetic substances. The anabolic steroid is basically related to testosterone that is the male sex hormones. These anabolic steroids are basically used for enhancing the effect of anabolic or for the making of the skeletal muscles. It also helps in the androgenic effect or we can say the making of the male sex. It is helpful in both the female and the male. These are the steroids which are also known as the AAS or the Anabolic androgenic steroids. It also contains the androgens basically known as the steroidal androgen which consists of the androgens such as synthetic materials and the testosterone. Both have been found to be similar in the structures. These are also said to be the element which are used to enhance the protein content inside the cell such as the skeletal muscles. People can get to know about the anabolic steroids for sale in UK follow this link People can also know about the Trusted steroids store in United Kingdom to get the best steroids.