Using a bread machine is quite simple. It won’t be difficult even for the first time users. Just remember the 3 simple steps- gather all the ingredients, put it in the bread pan with proper measurements and set up the program. There are lots of bread machine depending on categories like the ones in budget or the ones with simple settings. Best breadmaker often are easy and user friendly. Here is how you can use a bread machine:

  1. Follow the instructions: Mostly the adding of ingredients will be same for any best breadmaker. But it is wise to follow the instructions in the manual provided. Also don’t mix everything in order. Don’t experiment with the key ingredients else your bread won’t be good. Also remember yeast is never part of the mix. Before adding gather all the ingredients at a place so that you won’t miss anything.

best breadmaker

  1. After using always clean it: Mostly if your bread pan is non-stick there is less chances of your bread sticking with the pan. But in case it sticks up. Always clean after the use. It is not only hygiene but will increase the longevity of the machine.
  2. First time cleaning: Remember when you bought the machine; make sure that you clean it first before using. Before putting in bread dough, pour some warm water and run it for some time.
  3. Remove the bread pan: getting a machine with removable bread pan will help you in cleaning out from time to time. Most of the machines will have a removable one only. It is easy this way. Also you can take the pan out to remove the bread properly. Also one should remember that these pans need extra care, so it is recommended to wash it with hands only.
  4. After done, take the bread out: Once the bread is done, it has to be taken out to cool down. When it cools down you can cut it out.