There are many things in life which are truly essential and valuable to all the people. In the opinion of most of the people, we cannot live without water, food, and roof.  But, there is common scenario apart from those three necessities. And that is the lock. Locksmith Mesa AZ says lock is the most common thing which everyone in the world is using.

Not a single person will the house or any premises without this protection. So, to get more information about this important protection tool here are some basic knowledge of pad locks.

Pad lock and types of pad lock explained below.

This is the most used locking tool around the globe as per locksmith. This types of locks are not attached to door or gate. Pad lock can be removed after unlocking as they are freestanding, and portable provided by different sizes and varieties.

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  • Rekeyable and non-re-keyable locks bylocksmith Mesa AZ

There are re-keyable, and non-re-keyable pad locks available in the market. Rekeyable pad lock can be opened by any other duplicate keys made by locksmiths. On the contrary, non-re-keyable locks require the same exact key for unlocking.

  • Key retaining and non-key retaining

Pad locks can be key retaining or non-key retaining. Key retaining pad locks retain the key even after the lock is opened. It is good for people who forget where the keys are.

  • Shrouded shackle pad lock

Another type of pad lock explained by locksmith Mesa AZ is shrouded shackle which makes it really hard for bolt cutters to break in and steal. Because the sides of pad lock body are too high to cut off.

Types of locks are emerging as the time goes by. Because burglars are getting smarter, and so are the locksmiths. They do not want to give any chance to burglars to protect us.