There is so much to see and do in this world. If you are interested in sports related to water then one sport that you must know about is stand up paddle boarding. This sport has seen the highest percentage of rise since it was first started and more and more people seem to get interested in it with each passing day. If you also want to buy a paddle board from then you must know about the types of paddle board that are available in the market.

Those of you who have finally decided to take paddle boarding as a sport must know the types of board available and choose the right paddle board. Also, the people who are already into this sport and want to change their board for a better one need to have a look at the different types that you can invest in.

paddle boards should be more affordable

The basics types of stand up paddle boards that are available in the market these days are

  • Recreational flat-water Paddling
  • Flat Water Racing
  • Paddle Surfing
  • Touring Paddle Boards
  • Downwind Paddling
  • Rapid Paddling

For first time paddlers

If you are a first time paddler or you do stand up paddling only occasionally you can easily use the “All Around” Shape of the boards. These paddle boards should be more affordable and also suitable for the people who take up stand up paddling for recreational purposes. The large width and considerable length with wide nose and tail makes it a stable board for the people who are not the masters of paddling.

The performers

If you are already a pro in the sport or want to switch to a better board then you can make use of the shape that helps in performing on the river or rapids according to your needs.