If you want children to be self sufficient and self reliant, teaching them to use the internet effectively, goes a long way. This is a great resource where children can get information on a variety of topics which are school related as well as with regards issues they are facing.

Preschool children should be guided by an adult and each move should be explained to them. For example – this is the internet icon. Here is me clicking on it. Now see I am online. Now I am typing out preschool games. This will show me all the preschool games.

You need to ensure that you supervise the child consistently and you explain how these search engines work and also each step needs to be explained to the children.

When children are in the primary, they should be told that they need to double check as not all the information on the internet is accurate. The child should be informed about the dangers of them sharing their personal information. The rules one creates should include the time the child can spend online, the websites they can go to, the information they are allowed to share and even the chat rooms they can use.

The parent should check the history files as well as the temporary internet files to ensure the child is safe. The parents should also set the parental controls and also filters so that spam and adult content will be filtered.

In order to introduce children to search engines, an interesting topic should be chosen. The subject should  be age appropriate and one that will be extremely interesting for them and which will spur their curiosity which will make them looking for more topics. Learning how search engines work can also be undertaken by various tutorials which are online.

Here are some ways to help a child : The child should be taught to search using general keywords. Then they should be explained how they need to check beyond the first few results. The child should be taught to use discretion on the genuineness of the source and how they should recheck the information with other sources. The websites which are cluttered with ads, should be avoided as these would try to sell you something. The article should also be checked for the date when it was written. The children should be asked to justify which website would be reliable as well as useful and why.