Investing in a good quality cage is very important because your hamster will be spending all the time in it. So before buying a cage you have to make thorough research on what type to get for your pet. You can get to know about it at  And invest in something spacious. The more the space the more enjoyable it will be for your hamster. You can collect in all the required accessories to keep inside the cage. Keep in some toys so that your hamster can play with. Also decide on where to put the cage. Don’t expose it directly to sunlight. They are quite sensitive. If it is really cold get them some warm bedding to cuddle up.




After buying the right cage, it is important to equip it up. You don’t want your hamster to become overweight. So get a wheel for it to do some exercise. Along with all these you have to get them a water bowl and a water pump. Get a small bowl so that not much space is used up. Also buying a bowl will help you keep track of how much you are feeding your hamster. Other than all these basic necessities, invest in some toys to keep your hamster happy. Now it’s time to place all the things inside the cage. Try placing all the things separate from each other so that you can have them being active. Now your hamster home is ready. If you need proper advice on how to set it up have a look at You should how to care for your hamster and maintain the cage. Make sure that it feels like home to them. Give them time to get acquainted with the environment. Add disinfectant and clean it time to time so that your hamster feels good and stays healthy.