If you want to search the internet successfully, here are some tips which you can use :

  1. You should know the search tool. The tips menu and help menu give information on how the search can be improved.
  2. You should think what you are searching for and what is the best tool which you should look for in order to do the job. Major tools which can be used are Alta Vista or even AskJeeves.
  3. You should try not to search with Boolean values or parenthesis or even + or – signs
  4. You should learn how to search using advanced search modes. This allows searching to be more efficient.
  5. Unique terms should be used as far as possible.
  6. Directories like those used by Yahoo are available on search tools and these help in the organization of sites into various categories. Using these categories, the search can be focused.
  7. You can use more than one tool as each search produces different results.
  8. If you want to search for a phrase, you should enclose it in quotes.
  9. Sometimes, a site’s tools for searching are not great and therefore you can use Google for searching in a site. What you would need to do is type “site” followed by a colon, the URL which needs to be searched, followed by the text you want to search.
  10. If you want to search for words which are in the address, you should use the command “inurl” in Google. This allows you to search for websites which you have not found, by putting in the phrase or the keyword.
  11. If you want to limit your searches to specific domains, you should mention that. For example : .edu, .gov or .org
  12. If you want to search for a topic, name, phrase or business on the page, you can press Cntrl+F. This will search for the word or the phrase in the page and will highlight it as well.
  13. You can also use wildcard characters if you want the search to be widened. These are like *, ? as well as #
  14. If you want to search comprehensively, you can use a meta search engine like metacrawler. This will query different search engines at the same time.
  15. You can also refine your initial query results by most search engines.
  16. Also, when you find a good website, you can see if links to similar websites are provided.