RollerSkatesare the form of shoes with wheels as the sole. Skates were invented way back in 1970’s.These back then were part of hobby and pastime activity. Eventually, it becomes a competitive sports activity for people. People started taking up skates as career sports path. It became so famous that skates were made part of Olympics.

Various other forms of sports from roller skates were evolved over aperiod of time, like inline skating, roller hockey, jam skating. Due to itsrising demand many schools, training academies, associations were established. As a parent, you can send your kids to learn skates in this summer vacations.

A roller skate offers you a complete aerobic activity and helps you to burn calories at aquick pace. Hence it has great health benefits.


Various Roller Skate Events are:

  • Figures: In this event, theplayer moves in symmetric For example in one or max two circular movements. It is thebest event for beginners.
  • Freestyle: As the name suggest it’s a free physical movement, just like any other dance form but on wheels.
  • Dance: Skates can be used in a dance form. It can be solo dance moves or team dance. Many new dancers are adding this skill in their kitty. It is thrilling and speedy competition. If you are fond of dancing and skating, then you can combine these two for more fun. You can be judged bases best pattern and moves you perform in front of judges.
  • Singles and duets: It’s a musical event with a lot of spins and turns.
  • Group performance: Group skating does not follow any rules and usually done on streets by agroup of people. You can have more fun with group skating.

If you are seeking for new hobby filled with speed, thrill and fun, skates can be your thing.