Everything in this world has two faces. Hence people should look at the both sides that are negative and positive and then decide if it is right for them or not. In this world, poaching is considered to be a bad thing. However, one should research well and see that there are advantages as well. In this article, we are trying to inculcate the different advantages and disadvantages of the poaching. It will help the employees to find more about how it can help them in having the best jobs.

Pros of Poaching

Poaching is all about luring the top talent to your company and beat your competitor. This technique not only provides the job assurance and safety to the employee but it also gives him some of the amazing benefits that he cannot even think of. He will be chased by the different tech companies if he is talented, and it’s up to him who he wants to join. So he can get the possible deal on his own. By reading the different online blogs and reports, you can find more about the advantages of poaching.

Cons of poaching

The different side-effects of poaching include the way contracts are made with employees for an extended period of time and how they can’t change their job when they want to. The small businesses are unable to get the best talents as they are already acquired by the top companies. Moreover, the wages of the employees are too low because they are availing some other benefits. There is an agreement between the top 4 tech companies in Silicon Valley, and if the employee wants to give p job in one, he will not get the job in rest of the three as well.


You can find more about the benefits of poaching and the disadvantages of poaching by reading the different online news and blogs posted by the people. By reading the reviews by the different workers will also help you if you want to work in Silicon Valley and get the best job.