We arise in the morning with rising sun and our first activity is to freshen up our teeth and mouth. People have different taste preferences of the toothpaste used for oral care. There are various versions of toothpaste available in the market catering various needs of the consumers. Some put emphasis on taste while some have specific needs like curing the sensitivity of the teeth. But do you know which ingredient is common to various toothpastes used by us for oral care? It’s Carrageenan. This ingredient is helps in thickening our toothpaste and makes it in the form which is acceptable by consumers.


There are many thickening agents available but Carrageenan is naturally sourced ingredient which is both safe, consumable and confirms with heath authorities. Its food grade versions consists of extracts from red seaweed which is used as thickening and stabilizing ingredient applicable to edible items like low fat ice-cream or frozen yogurt.


Derivative Poligeenan

Although there are few alternatives used for thickening agent one should know about Poligeenan which is a degraded derivative of Carrageenan. The later one does not possess the toxicity of former ingredient and has been approved by Food and Drugs Administration Department as cent percent consumable ingredient which has no harmful effects.

Oral Hygiene

Oral products manufacturing companies like Tom’s of Maine use such ingredients in large quantities so consumers should be aware of benefits and constraints of using such ingredients on daily basis. Oral hygiene is very important for child or adult as one uses teeth to chew food and make it in consumable and digestive form. Lot of consumers use endorsed items without knowing the effects of consuming it but one should be very careful when it comes to oral hygiene as it can make or break your day.

Consumers should be aware and stay informed about usage of endorsed products. Be alert!!