While dogs wait for an opportunity to head out for a sniff of fresh air, walking your pup can be an equally gratifying experience for you as a pet owner. To ensure a safe and enjoyable bonding time with your pet, all you need is the best retractable dog leash.

best retractable dog leash

How to choose a safe and good retractable leash that suits your dog?

Whether you have a puppy or a well-build strong dog, you need to ensure that the handle of the retractable leash is sturdy enough to control your pet’s mobility. A tough handle that does not easily slip out of your hands, will ascertain a firm grip on the leash and guard your dog from straying away. It’s safer to hold a retractable handle than have a traditional cord that can leash around your hand. Limiting your hand contact to a strong handle can minimise chances of accidents even if your dog moves suddenly.  Remember to grip the handle instead of holding the leash. Choose a model that offers a flat and wider belt, as a thinner cord poses the potential risk of getting tangled and can result in accidents. The best retractable dog leash may offer controllable buttons on the handle, allowing you to easily control the leash from unreeling it, thereby preventing your dog from going out of your sight in a flash.

The best retractable dog leash needs to also be strong enough to diminish risk of the leash cord breaking away. It is advisable to buy a leash model that matches your dog’s weight and can manage it. Check the material, texture and colour of the cord used for the leash. A brighter colour could be safer to spot in most environments as against using black cords.

The most significant step before using the dog leash is to train your pet to get used to it. The process of training could be quite an enduring one, for both you and your furry buddy. You can gradually teach your pet not to strain against his leash, as straining can cause injuries to his neck. Ensure that your dog is trained to respond to your calls, even if the leash breaks accidentally.