If you are a fan of writing, you must have heard the name of the legendary Woody Allen. In his stellar movie Manhattan, in the very first scene, he defined New York in so many ways and all those ways were very apt. The city of lights never sleeps. People are always in a rush but it is very unlike anything. You can find every type of person in the city of New York. You might as well say that New York is the hub of the modern lifestyle that captures capitalism and art both at the same time.

Charlene Pedrolie

You can always find a story behind a person living in New York. You can always have a chat with a university student, a Wall Street banker and a homeless somewhere around a coffee house. There are so many great things that New York is famous for. One of those things is the Broadway which officially makes it the biggest place for Theatre in the world. In such a city you can always find aspiring directors. People such as Charlene Pedrolie and others are part of this crowd. You can read more about such upcoming artists in the beautiful city of New York over here https://about.me/charlenepedrolie.  Only a few places around the world can give you the scenic beauty of the Hudson River.

Sadly, New York has seen some of the biggest tragedies that have every happened around the globe. One such incident which really broke the spirit of New York was 9/11. The people of New York have seen a lot and gone through a lot. But they have always come back stronger. If you ever have a chance to live in New York, pack your bags without even thinking for a bit because you are definitely going to love it.