Lots of people are searching for ways to lose belly fat. They often search for how to perdre 10 kilos en 1 mois. Other than that people often want to know why they often feel hungry even after eating. If you are thinking that you have a really good metabolism rate and that’s the reason you often feel hungry then that’s not the case always. You may be feeling hunger because your body needs water or vitamins or maybe you are into sports so that can also be a fact. Also eating up healthy food increasing your metabolism can be the reason. Here are some of the possible reasons:

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  1. Lack of sleep: When not sleeping right, you body is not in control of the hormones. As a result, you get a sense of hunger even you had food just a few minutes back. As a result you end up eating more and thus gaining weight.
  2. Your body is thirsty: It may happen that your body is in need of water and making you feel hungry. Drinking enough water will also help to perdre 10 kilos en 1 mois.
  3. Eating up food quickly: Your body feels fill only after you have eaten 10-20 minutes before. If you have the habit of eating quickly then you may hungry even you had food. Just wait for sometime before deciding to have more. You can try drinking some water before the meal to give indication to your body that it is full.
  4. Eating up junk: Eating unhealthy foods often imbalances your sugar level which in leads to emotional imbalance such as depression leading to eating disorders and feeling hungry all the time.
  5. Being lazy: If you are a kind of person who sits up in the couch and watch TV then you must have the habit of snacking. It’s not hunger it’s the urge to having something, it often adds to your weight.