To be able to flirt and seduce a man and increase the level of oxytocin in his brain is a dream that every other girl in today’s world dreams of. The art of seduction for both male and female are similar to a great extent. It is where one seduces the other to let all the hormones flow and make the seduced person fall weak on knees and get inclined towards you as the afrodite code suggests.

Steps to seduce a man according to the Code

The steps to seduce a man are simple but tricky. The woman firstly needs to be confident enough to handle awkwardness and feel responsible for her actions. Men love when women are the ones to take a step forward and take the initiative to run the flirting as it describes much of the confidence level of the woman.


afrodite code


The second step comes with the type of body language a woman uses to speak to her man. If you are a woman and want to seduce your man then you should probably touch him more often, smile a lot, bite your lips, play with your hair and show signs of affection that would signal your man that you’re trying to woo him and seduce him.

Thirdly as the afrodite codesuggests, as a woman you would not want yourself to look bad in front of your man so to counteract this you need to keep yourself clean all the time and wear clothes that flatter your body and make yourself an attractive angel. Make sure to bring him food sometimes as it is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So who knows whether if he sets the mood later after he has been fed?

Follow the code to make your man love you the way you want.

The afrodite code is a special code used in order to make people of the opposite or the same gender seduce the other and make them fall in love and inclined towards them. To seduce a man, the steps as per the codes are not that hard to follow, just let your confidence boost up and let the things fall back into its place.