When it comes to the treatment that best chiropractor in Folsom provide to their patients, the usual diagnostics take about muscle strains, sprains, and nerve pain. However, treatment by chiropractors is not limited to these. There are other spine related issues that comes under chiropractic assessment, treatment, and care.

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Learn some of them here.

4 medical conditions that best chiropractor in Folsom treat

  1. Coccydynia

As its name suggests, this medical condition causes pain in the tailbone (spine). This condition may be seen in those people who have experienced injury after a fall from a bike ride. This situation, as well as the pain, can turn severe if that patient remains in a sitting position for a long time. There are also instances when patients complain of sudden pain without any reason.

  1. Whiplash

This is a type of hyper extension or hyperflexion injury when a person continuously drives a rear-ended vehicle. Name of this condition is mainly because of severe neck sprain that the driver experiences on brake application. A sudden backward or forward ‘whipping’ movement leads to this medical condition.

  1. Sciatica

This disorder takes place because of irritated or compressed sciatic nerve. This may be also because of compression on a branch of sciatic nerve. A symptom of this medical condition is severe pain shooting below knee. There are several people who compare its pain to be similar to getting an electric shock.

  1. Herniated disc

Patients with this issue usually complain of its pain in lower back or in their neck. The main reason for which this pain can aggravate is the compression of nucleus pulposus (interior matter) and annulus (outer ring) on nerve root.

Apart from the treatment of these disorders, many best chiropractor in Folsom also treats other medical conditions. From genuine chiropractor websites, you can avail other information on other disorders and avail chiropractic services.